andrew-gradeI provide contract attorney services to other attorneys, including legal research, document preparation, assistance with insurance coverage issues, document review, trial preparation and support, witness interviews, and related tasks.  I am a licensed attorney in good standing in Oregon and Washington.  However, I do not represent any clients directly, and I provide my services exclusively to other attorneys.


Services Offered:

I have 15 years of experience in civil litigation, including appellate, and I can effectively and efficiently assist you in the following areas:

  • Research – I have extensive experience performing legal research in various areas, including negligence, tort liability, damages, evidentiary issues, contract interpretation, statutory interpretation, construction defect, and insurance coverage, among others.  I utilize Westlaw and other databases to efficiently perform legal research for use in connection with pleadings, motion practice, memorandums, case evaluations, etc.
  • Document Drafting – I can assist you with preparing pleadings, discovery, motion practice, memorandums, case evaluations, report letters, etc. I have researched, briefed, and argued numerous motions before Oregon trial courts, the Oregon Court of Appeals, and the Oregon Supreme Court. I have also prepared hundreds of pleadings, discovery requests, case evaluations, and related documents.
  • Insurance Coverage – I have extensive experience with insurance coverage issues, including duty to defend and duty to indemnify issues, initiating or responding to tenders of defense, additional insured issues, and related issues.
  • Document Review – I have performed countless document reviews throughout my career, and I utilize techniques which allow me to perform thorough document reviews at minimal cost to your client. If desired, I will also provide you with a summary of the documents, containing as much or as little detail as you require.
  • Trial Preparation – I can assist with all aspects of trial preparation, including preparing pretrial pleadings, preparing exhibits, etc.
  • Witness Interviews / Investigation – I can assist with witness interviews and claim investigation issues.